version added: 2.2

step( [ message ] )

A marker for progress in a given test.

name description
message (string) Message to display for the step


The step() assertion registers a passing assertion with a provided message. This makes it easy to check that specific portions of code are being executed, especially in asynchronous test cases and when used with verifySteps(). A step will always pass unless a message is not provided or is a non-string value.

Together with the verifySteps() method, step() assertions give you an easy way to verify both the count and order of code execution.


QUnit.test( "step example", assert => {
  const thing = new MyThing();
  thing.on( "something", () => {
    assert.step( "something happened" );

  assert.verifySteps([ "something happened" ]);

Note: See verifySteps for more detailed examples.